The second book in Ric Beard's thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Series, Earth's Ashes, is now available at Amazon!


The weak and weary are easily swayed by a silvery tongue.

The battle for Triangle City is won. The Chain army, decimated. Its brutal general's demise has left a power vacuum.

Sampson De Le Court has filled that vacuum.

Returning to the turbulent place of his birth, the self-proclaimed governor's calls for patriotism and productivity are altering the wild landscape of the Appalachian region.

But Sampson's narrative as he travels from town to town to win the hearts and minds of the citizens shrouds the disturbing truth from those tormented by a violent history and desperate for change.

When The Foundation's Lexi Shaw infiltrates and learns of Sampson's devious plans to secure the region's resources and the resulting power for himself she thinks it's time for a new plan...

...and she's picked out just the right knife.

Now, she's just waiting to be turned loose.

Sampson's Legacy is the action-packed sequel to Earth's Ashes Series Book One, Legacy Of Ashes.