BOOK ONE - year 2137

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 Legacy of Ashes is the first in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series, Earth's Ashes.

Oil reserves dwindled. The cars stopped running. The food ran out.
Humanity went mad.
A post-apocalyptic novel set 120 years after the end of the Oil Age, Legacy Of Ashes is the story of two cities struggling to protect their technology, their food supplies and their humanity from millions in the badlands of the former United States who want what they have.
Amongst the chaos, four souls labor to make their mark on the cities and aid in civilization's struggle against the armies of the raider nation. At the forefront are Jenna and Lexi.
Jenna risks her life every day to clear a path along Old Interstate 40 to join the two cities. Under constant threat from parties of raiders attacking her crew, she strives to keep her people safe.
Lexi is a security and combat specialist tasked with protecting the one man who could change Triangle City. Displaying a tough exterior to conceal the emotional wounds of her life, Lexi must overcome her fears to ensure the remnants of civilization build a future.
Together they can save humanity...or destroy it!

BONUS year 2138

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Taking place after the events of Legacy Of Ashes, Murder In Triangle City is a Sci-Fi Thriller about two murders in a city where killing was a thing of the past.
It's a post-apocalyptic novel set 122 years after the end of the Oil Age. Murder In Triangle City is the story of Triangle City Security Services Investigator, Nina Schafer. Equipped with an eye for detail, a strange itch in her brain born of a compulsive disorder, and a NuBionic Prosthetic arm, Nina must solve two brutal crimes and discover the perpetrators of an insidious conspiracy.



BOOK TWO - year 2139

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 Sampson's Legacy is Book 2 in the Earth's Ashes Series and the sequel to Legacy of Ashes.


The Chain Army has died, leaving a power vacuum in General Horace’s wake.

Seizing on the opportunity to return to the turbulent place of his birth, Sampson De Le Court has filled that vacuum. The self-proclaimed governor’s calls for patriotism and productivity are altering the wild landscape.

Law keepers in every town keep the peace. Resurrected industries provide honest work to the meager citizens who've lived under the threat of military conscription their entire lives, opportunities to provide for their families at the heel of a saw, instead of the stock of a rifle.

But Sampson’s narrative as he travels from town to town to win the hearts and minds of the citizens doesn’t tell the disturbing truths.

Lawmen distribute addictive stimulants to keep the citizens working. The governor deals with challenges to his authority via a brutal interpretation of justice. Soldiers patrolling the area collect taxes from those who have little, often visiting abuse upon those who don’t pay.

Everything is going according to Sampson’s methodical plans, until Lexi Shaw gets wind of it, and devises a plan of her own.

BOOK THREE - year 2140

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 The Black Legacy is Book 3 in the Earth's Ashes Series and the sequel to Sampson's Legacy.

"Rest is a long, cratered road from here…"


Plains City.

The birthplace of the mysterious militant group, The Black.

A stranger walks among the people with no memory of who he once was.
A wife he doesn't remember is his lone connection to his past—as both a carpenter and a spy.

The abbot of the new-age monastery has plans for this amnesiac—this project who could tilt the balance of power on the tumultuous continent in his favor.

But the threat he allowed to escape from the city a decade ago constantly looms in his mind…and Porter Moss is a threat he has always taken seriously.

The abbot is becoming paranoid, his behavior, erratic, his actions, more and more desperate.

A plot is afoot. He knows it. He can feel Moss nearby.

The time he has dreaded is here. But he is ready for the final conflict that will determine the fate of the city, and perhaps the entire continent.

Will it be his way, the new way? Or will it be Moss's, the ways of old?

In the gripping conclusion to the Earth’s Ashes Trilogy, the secrets of The Black will be revealed, the destinies of The Foundation uncovered, and the fate of a city decided once and for all.