Ric Beard

Authorpreneur, Idea Guy


Ric types words...from his brain. He is our creative center and stuff. When it's time to draft a new story, he vanishes into his own mind. The world around him could explode and he wouldn't know until his butt was on fire—then he'd pat out the fire, grab his laptop, run outside, and write until the battery died. If we need a draft in three weeks? No problem. Load Pepsi into the refrigerator and clear a path from there to his office—thy will be done. Ric is a crazy genre hopper, splitting time between sci-fi, thrillers, literary, and horror. Ric launched his writing career as a Sterling and Stone Apprentice and would probably set you on fire for them.


Emily Thomas

Queen Bee, Collaborator, Business Guru, Horror Movie Freak


Emily is the center of the business. She's a marketer, team builder, pre-edit editor, post-edit polisher, and all-around pain in Ric's ass when he gets mopey or has a post-apocalyptic sugar crash. She’s passionate about visual arts, world culture, and any fiction with real characters in sensory-rich settings. She gets downright giddy over good horror movies and T.V. shows. Emily is our resident foodie and we're never surprised when the sight of a food truck brings the business world to a screeching halt, especially if it’s vegetarian! In her last career, she was a science geek. Ric has been known to cackle when Emily describes genetics in her heavy Southern drawl.



Mariëlle S. Smith

Developmental Editor, Author, Yoga Freak, Introvert Extraordinaire


Mariëlle is our epic rockstar developmental editor, wielding her digital pen against the pariah of purple prose. She mines our books for plot holes and inconsistency and shackles Ric to reality while ensuring Layer2's stories are ready for release. When she isn't locked in the L2 dungeon, Mariëlle sneaks away to edit for other folks via   M.S. Wordsmith.

Whether you're an aspiring writer or have ten books out on the market, you can benefit greatly from a solid developmental edit of your manuscript.

Layer2 Publishing exclusively uses M.S. Wordsmith for our developmental editing and we even hire them for outline critiques so that Ric Beard can have the confidence of a strong storyline when he sits down to pen a new work. We highly recommend Mariëlle's services!




Anne Hylton

Line Editor, Titans Fan, Steve Perry Groupie 


Anne is our line editor. That means she catches Ric's mistakes, line-by-line, and unintentionally embarrasses him when he screws the pooch on the page. She's a voracious reader, digs soap operas, and loves 60s and 70s music—especially the BeeGees, Journey, and Simon and Garfunkel. She hopes that our readers will buy all our books to help fund her bucket list items including trips to England, Prince Edward Island in Canada, San Francisco, and Central Park. Of course, if we do raise the funding, we have to figure out how to get her on a plane. Anne hates to fly!